U10 Cal Ripken (Competitive)

Updated Monday January 4, 2016 by WD Baseball.

Cal Ripken Baseball  - Minors   Age 10 or under

Age:  Will consist of 9 or 10 year olds (with birth date cut offs defined by national rules). 

Philosophy:  The Cal Ripken Minor League Program is a developmental and competitive program that plays in a Dane County league and has both state and national affiliations.  Diamonds have 60’ bases with 46’ pitching mounds.   This program requires a major commitment by players, coaches and parents. 

All 9 or 10 year olds who are interested in playing in this division will have to attend a tryout.  Those players who are selected for the team(s) will play in the Cal Ripken League, all others will be placed in the In House 9-10 Division League.

Season:  The season begins in mid-May.  Games are typically on Tuesday and Friday evenings  at 6PM.  Game times are tentative and may change after the league scheduling meeting.  Windsor home game times will be 6pm unless changes are needed due to diamond availability.  Final times and diamond locations will be determined by WD Baseball. 

The Dane County league is completed around the 2nd weekend in July.  

Team Composition:  Players for Cal Ripken are selected through an evaluation which may combine a workout as well as any previous experience that a player has had in the WD Baseball program.  All teams will be selected by the league's Coaching / Coaching Devlopment Directors based on input from the coaches or individuals selected to be evaluators.  It is the intention of WD Baseball to include as many participants in the Cal Ripken program as possible while maintaining the competitive level of the league.  Players who are not selected to play in the Cal Ripken Major program will be automatically placed into the In House 9-10 Division program.

Evaluations for the Cal Ripken program are held in the late summer or early fall after the season has completed in order to meet state and national deadlines for submitting rosters.  A non-refundable $15 evaluation fee is required to be considered for a team. 

Teams are typically comprised of 11-12 players.  The number of teams and the number of players per team will be decided by the Coaching / Coaching Development Directors and the evaluators.

Teams are organized based on the results of the evaluation and previous experience in the program.  If more than one Cal Ripken team is formed, “tournament” teams will be determined by the Coaching / Coaching Development Directors with input from the coaches for weekend tournament play. 

Commitment: It is expected that players who want to be part of this competitive program will be available for games and practices keeping in mind that the schedule includes weekly Friday night games.  Players in this program will also be expected to participate in weekend tournaments as well.  If you do not feel you can commit to this type of schedule, please have your son play in the In House 9-10 division program.  Due to sanctioning fees, higher umpire fees, and tournament fees, there is also an additional monetary commitment.  An additional $250-$350 should be expected.  

Eligibility:  Due to the commitment involved, players that are on traveling teams outside of the WD Baseball league, may not be eligible for our Cal Ripken team- this will be at the coach's discretion.