Board / Contacts

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WCBBL Constitution and Bylaws can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the attachment.  


Contact Volunteer League Resources

For specific questions for any of the categories below, please contact the appropriate Board Member or volunteer:

Board Members



League President

Brian Hall

email Brian

Vice President

Jennifer Parker

email Jennifer

Treasurer / Registrar

Mike Switzky

email Mike


Trisha Drinka

email Trisha

Equipment & Apparel Manager

Jeff Heuer

email Jeff

Coaching / Coach Development 1

Tim Dobbs

email Tim

Coaching / Coach Development 2

Andy Lovick email Andy

Facilities Manager

Nate Ladwig

email Nate

Fundraising/Volunteer Mangers

Casey Ohmen

Lisa Lucas

email Casey

email Lisa

Concession Stand Manager

Lucy Neuenschwander

email Lucy




Other Volunteer Positions



Umpire Coordinator (9-10 Division)

Jennifer Parker

email Jennifer

Umpire Coordinator (Cal Rip, 13-14 Divisions)

Dave Von Behren

email Dave

Tournaments Director(s) 

Brian Hall

Andy Lovick

email Brian

email Andy

Coach Pitch Commisioner



In House 9-10 Division Commissioner



U13 & U14 Commissioner



Division Stand Coordinator (9-10 Division)



Division Stand Coordinator (11-12 Division)



Division Stand Coordinator (Coach Pitch Division)




WCBBL Constitution and Bylaws- (Signed 12-7-2015).pdf